Dossierholder BCT

The Dossierholder BCT issues so-called smartcards for use with the onBoard computer Taxi (BCT).

These onboardcomputercards are issued with certificates from the hierarchy of the Public Key Infrastructure of the Dutch government (PKIoverheid). The onboardcomputercards are used tot gain acces tot the onBoard Computer Taxi and to digitally sign the data gathered by the BCT.

The Dossierholder BCT is not an independent Certificate Service Provider (CSP) under PKIoverheid, but is part of the central CSP of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. More information on this CSP, including the (sub)rootcertificates and CRLs, can be found here. As part of this CSP the Dossierholder has been certified against the ETSI TS 101 456 standard.

The issuance and use of the cards ar bound by both rights and obligations. For instance only a taxidriver that meets certain criteria can request a Driverscard. The following information on the issuance and use of onboardcomputercards is available in Dutch:

The Dossierholder BCT issues two types of card. These are onboardcomputercards and systemcards. The onboardcomputercards are used by the different users of the onboard computer, while the systemcard is used by the device itself. The certificates on both types of card have their own hierarchy, of which the following information is available:

Onboardcomputercards CA

Systeemkaarten CA